This is a job where human hands and eyes truly come into play.

Our work involves facing life in the form of eel.
Eel is a food ingredient brimming with nutrition and vitality, and it is also a precious resource.
We cherish eel and deliver it to our customers in the most delicious state possible.
To achieve this, we need hands that have touched more eel than anyone else and eyes that are deeply familiar with eel.
From the crispy skin to the fluffy and meaty flesh and the rich, melt-in-your-mouth fat, every element of our eel dishes is crafted with care and precision. We strive to offer the freshest, most refined eel experience available, drawing on our legacy as a direct-to-consumer wholesaler since 1932.

3 Reasons

  • 1, Prepare and cook eels right in front of
    our customers to serve
    the freshest eel dishes ever.

    The best eel is selected for it's freshness and fluffiness, as well as its lack of smell, which allows us to make use of the eel's natural flavor.
    Our freshly grilled eel is crispy on the outside with the traditional Japanese "umami" taste captured inside. This is what really brings out the flavor of the eel.
    Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa prepares and cooks the eel in a made-to-order style that allows for the freshest eel you will ever have.

  • 2, Our authentic ingredients that
    only the well-established eel
    wholesaler can select.

    We only like to serve our customers with the biggest and thickest eel.
    Our establishment has been carefully selecting the highest quality eel and selling to famous shops for over 90 years.
    Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa never comprimises on quality. All of our eel is carefully selected to deliver the highest quality to our customers.

  • 3, Our extra large-sized eels that have aromatic, thick and juicy meat.

    We carefully selected our eel to deliver that perfect texture. It is much bigger than the commonly used eel, meaning that we can grill it to perfection over high-quality charcoal without losing any fat, thickness, or size.
    Our skilled cooks carefully and quickly grill the eel to crispy perfection while maintaining the soft umami flavor locked inside.




    With over 90 years of experience as a wholesaler, we have an eye for picking out only the best eels, and deliver delicious delights like no other.


    The eel storage facility, called a tateba, has been passed down through the generations. By washing the eels with well water, we remove both the mud and the characteristic aroma, leaving nothing but high quality, delicious eel meat.


    The key to delicious eel lies in the freshness, nothing is more important. All our eels are cut and dressed in the restaurant for a fluffy and soft texture—the proof of a fresh eel.

  • YAKI

    To ensure we do not lose any of the flavor, we grill the eel quickly over bincho charcoal. Come to sample the flavors created by the exquisite heat control of skilled chefs.

  • TARE

    Freshly grilled eel is dipped into our secret tare sauce, which has been remained unchanged since our inception. The fat of the eel meat intertwines with the tare sauce and the result is truly something special.


    The dishes used for our signature Ippon Unagi have been created by Shigaraki potters since the Edo period. Their excellent insulating properties ensure that our meals reach your table at the ideal temperature.



To allow you to experience the true essence of eel cooking techniques that have evolved alongside Japanese food culture, all of our restaurants have open kitchens.
We offer a variety of seating options, including counters, tables, and private rooms, to meet your various needs, whether it be for weddings, funerals, business, or special occasions.
While adhering to the above principles, each of our restaurants has its own unique style, and we invite different architectural designers to design each one.
We are constantly striving to create clean and comfortable Japanese spaces that are different from traditional eel restaurants.